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Dear Kickstarter donors and fans:

We at MEEP MORP STUDIO, as the creators of the Under the Smogberry Trees campaign, are obliged and deeply regret to inform you that as of August 2014, after a Kickstarter campaign that raised $117,000, some great original Kickstarter rewards, months of successful production, and interviews with top celebrities and luminaries in the comedy music world, MMS has parted ways with Barry Hansen, a.k.a. "Dr. Demento". This was not Meep Morp's decision (we have always been committed to making a great movie), and we were given no choice in the matter. Henceforth, ALL responsibility for the finished film as well as the balance of your Kickstarter rewards falls to Barry Hansen and company.

Mr. Hansen's contract demanded a substantial percentage of your generous donations to make this film, yet when time finally came for Barry's feature interview this past July, he slapped MMS with an unexpected and non-legal "Cease and Desist" demand. As our attorney can easily refute every allegation made against us in this document, and we have received no better explanation for this bizarre behavior, we here can only assume that this ill-conceived move was all about the potential money involved in this star-studded indie endeavor.

We don't believe that it was in the best interests of the movie or the Kickstarter donors to eliminate the Producers, Co-Creators, Art Directors and Studio from a very public and pre-sold project of their own development, more than a year into production. And we're pretty sure that you donors paid to see the Dr. Demento movie that was pitched to you, lovingly produced by a capable design team, not by Barry Hansen's business manager and the ward of his least prominent years. Any forthcoming film product neither has our endorsement, nor qualifies as the "studio version" of UTST, as we have no way to ensure that it maintains our high design and content standards. Our opening animated Dr. Demento L.A. credit sequence, as well as planned comical recreations from Barry Hansen's record-obsessed childhood and other fun bits are already among the casualties of this new arrangement.

Thank you all again for your immense support throughout this project. If this all sounds demented to you, you're not alone.
Happy holidays and all our best wishes,
Scott McKenzie & Christine McKenzie
Meep Morp Studio

Contact us anytime at info@smogberrytrees.com or meepmorpstudio2@gmail.com.

Some of our successes: interviews with "Weird Al" Yankovic, Jimmy Fallon, Stan Freberg, Barnes & Barnes, Jerry Samuels, Tom "T-Bone" Stankus, Kip Addotta, Jessica Delfino, Mojo Nixon, Chris Hardwick, Henry Phillips, the FuMP and more. Location shoots in Portland, Chicago, Minnesota, Philadelphia, New York.

A look back at some of our Kickstarter prizes:

Original Sticker Pack and Kickstarter Movie Promo Poster

Samplings from our Postcard Pack

Dr. D Basement Tapes 17-CD Box Set

Front and back cover of The Dr. Demento Interviews CD


A few designs that never made it...

A couple of original cartoon bits for the KS campaign.


Items ordered by Dec. 15 will be shipped in time for Christmas. This merchandise was authorized at the time of its production for the Kickstarter campaign, and MMS reserves the right to liquidate excess inventory.


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