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5 Preparation Tips For Sewer Line Replacement

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Sewer line replacement can be a requirement if there is a leak along the line. The following tips can help you prepare for the work so that your life and home suffers as little disruption as possible. 

1. Schedule an Inspection

Before proceeding with a replacement, schedule an inspection first. Your repair service will use a pipe camera to see the inside of the sewer line, which allows them to pinpoint the exact location and the extent of the sewer line damage. This information can help determine whether a full or partial replacement is necessary, as well as opening up the opportunity for less invasive options. 

2. Consider Trenchless Options

One of the less invasive replacement options is trenchless sewer repair, or pipe relining. Instead of digging out the old pipe, it is left in place. Two small holes are dug on opposite ends of the damaged section of sewer line. A liner is then deployed into the pipe and hardened in place so that any damages are sealed. Trenchless options, when available, are typically quicker, lower cost, and less invasive than traditional replacement. 

3. Map the Route

A day or two before the repair is scheduled, have the route of the replacement marked on your property. This can be done following the marking of the underground utilities, which is a requirement by law. Knowing the route across the lawn where work will be done allows you to plan ahead so you can make sure that nothing is trapped by the work. For example, if the line cuts across an area where you park, you can ensure your car is not trapped on the wrong side of the line repair where you won't be able to get it out. 

4. Relocate Sensitive Landscaping

Another benefit of route marking is you can identify any landscape plants that may be in danger, such as small shrubs and flowers. Take this opportunity to dig them up and place them in pots temporarily so you don't have to be concerned about damage as the line is replaced. You can replant everything once the work is completed. 

5. Create a Backup Plan

A sewer line repair may take as little time as one day, or as long as a week, depending on the extent of the damage and the type of repair. During this time you may not have access to the bathroom or shower. You can have a portable toilet delivered for convenient onsite use. You may also be able to make arrangements with neighbors or shower at the gym. In some cases, it may be preferable to stay at a hotel until the work is completed.

Contact a sewer line replacement service if you require further assistance.