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5 Causes Of Low Pressure From A Well Pump

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Low water pressure should never be ignored, especially if you are on a private well. It can indicate an issue with the well pump, which will need to be repaired. 

1. Low Water Levels

One of the most likely reasons for a sudden drop in pressure is low water levels in the well itself. For some wells, this is a normal seasonal occurrence, and it may be easily fixable by adjusting the pump depth to account for the lower water levels. If it isn't normal for the water level to drop in your well, then it must be inspected to determine the cause so solutions can be explored.  

2. Pressure Switch Adjustment

All pumps have some sort of pressure switch system, which may also include a pressure tank or pressure tubing. Sometimes a repair is as simple as adjusting the pressure switch in order to increase the amount of water pressure in the lines. In other cases, one or more parts of the pressure system may require repair or replacement. Your repair service may also recommend upgrading an old pressure system to a constant pressure system, which provides more consistent pressure. 

3. Air Bubbles

An air bubble in the pump lines can bring water flow to a near standstill. Even if water still flows from the taps, it may sputter or slow to a trickle depending on how well the bubbles are moving through the line. Your repair tech will check the pump inflow tubes to make sure they are fully submerged so water can get in. They will also check for loose connections throughout the system and repair as necessary.

4. Too Much Demand

Has your water usage in the home recently changed? If there are more people in the house or if you have added on new plumbing, such as a second bathroom or a dishwasher, the issue could be too much demand on the pump. It may be time to upgrade to a new pump or have an older pump tuned up so that it can better meet the evolving needs of your home.

5. Pump Failure

Sometimes there is little you can do to repair an old pump. If the motor is beginning to fail or if leaks in the system are causing a reduction in water pressure, the best solution may be to upgrade to a new pump that can provide all of the pressure that you require. 

Contact a well pump repair service for more help with water pressure issues.