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The Top Reasons To Schedule A Drain Cleaning Service

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How can a professional drain cleaning service help your plumbing system and reduce the damage risks to your home? Take a look at the reasons to schedule a cleaning and what you need to know about the benefits of this service. 

A Cleaning Service Protects Your Furniture

How can cleaning your plumbing system's drains protect your couch, chairs, tables, and other pieces of furniture? If you don't have clogged drains, it can't. But if your drains back up into your home, the overflow will flood more than just the floor. As the water rises, it can soak upholstery and rot or warp wood. A professional drain service can prevent this problem before it starts and protect your furniture. 

A Cleaning Service Can Reduce the Risk of Odors

A debris-filled drain does more than just empty slowly. Clogs can smell. A thick coating of old oil and leftovers in your kitchen sink drain can create an odd odor. The smell may not stay inside the drain. Instead, it can spread through the kitchen and into the rest of your home. Drain cleaning services remove this stuck-on debris, eliminating the cause of kitchen (and other plumbing) odors.

A Cleaning Service Reduces Frustration

Do you stand over the bathtub, not-so-patiently watching the water trickle down the drain? A slow drain may not seem like a major plumbing problem. But it can turn into a major source of frustration. Regular professional drain services eliminate the buildup that can cause slow drains. This helps your home's drains flow freely and can reduce a major source of your plumbing system stress.

A Cleaning Service Can Prevent Pests

Drain flies are exactly what the name implies—flies that live in drains. These tiny pests are often found in bathrooms, near sink and tub drains. Gunky buildup inside of drains provides the perfect living and breeding ground for these common household pests. To effectively eliminate the problem you will need to clean the drains and keep them debris-free. A professional can remove the pests' home and prevent a second infestation.

A Cleaning Service Can Prevent Mold Growth

Mold thrives in warm, dark, water-soaked settings, such as your home's drains. If a musty scent comes out of the drain, your plumbing system may have a mold issue. Reduce the negative effects of mold and remove the problem with a cleaning service. Fungal spores that remain in your drain can support additional mold growth. This makes a professional cleaning essential.