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Signs To Replace Your Home's Hot Water Unit

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The quality and performance that your home's hot water heater provides can be an important factor for determining the overall quality of life that those in the house can enjoy. Not surprisingly, there are some situations and warning signs that indicate upgrading or installing a new water heater may be an investment that needs to be made.

Interior Rust

If a large amount of rust is developing on the interior of the hot water unit, it may be necessary to completely replace the system. While it can be possible to replace the various corroded components, this may not always be a cost-effective repair. Water that is a dark red color or that even has small particles of rust in it can indicate that the water heater has developed a relatively severe corrosion problem. A professional hot water contractor will be able to assess the extent of the corrosion so that you can know whether replacing it will be the most effective solution.

Insufficient Heating Capacity

As your family grows, the demand for hot water can increase. Not surprisingly, this can lead to a home having too little hot water to allow everyone in the household to shower, clean laundry, or wash dishes. Fortunately, it is possible to upgrade the hot water system to provide the capacity that your family will need. Depending on the amount of hot water that your family will require, it may be advisable to upgrade to a tankless water heater as it will avoid the problem of the reservoir running out of hot water and needing to heat up more. Even with a powerful modern water heater, fully warming the water in the reservoir can take up to an hour.

Changing The Energy Source

If your home's electrical connection is unreliable, you could find yourself without hot water on a regular basis. This is especially common for individuals that live in areas where the power gets knocked out frequently by strong storms. Having a gas connection for the water heater can allow your home to maintain its access to hot water despite the power being out. Unfortunately, if you currently have an electric water heater and you are wanting to make this change, you will need to invest in having a gas-powered water heater installed. While this can be a major project to undertake, the improved reliability can make it worth undertaking to keep your family supplied with the hot water that they need.

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