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4 Ways You Can Tell It Is Time For A Pipe Repair Service

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Pipe repair services are an excellent way to spare yourself from high utility bills and frequent failure of your plumbing fixtures. One small leak in your plumbing system can lead to massive damage in the long run, especially in the winter where the water is susceptible to freezing and bursting pipes. Even in other seasons, leaking pipes will be expensive because they will add to the money you spend on the water bill. You can stop all these complications by bringing in a plumber to assess and determine the best solution. Here are some of the clues that indicate it is time to repair your pipes. 

Low Water Pressure

The first way to tell that your pipes have suffered hidden damage is when there is a significant drop in the water pressure. You might notice that the water pressure in your shower is not as high as you expect it to be. You might also realize that not enough water pressure is coming through the faucets when washing dishes at the kitchen sink. You should call a professional plumber to assess the cause and resolve the problem. 

Visible Corrosion on the Pipes

The building design typically has pipes between the walls and the floors. You can see a good portion of the pipework when standing outside your basement. You should constantly inspect the pipes for signs of corrosion. Corroded pipes will generally look brown and dirty, while healthy ones retain a gray or metallic color. If the pipework in the basement appears rusty, then the ones inside the home have possibly also rusted. 

Dampness on the Walls and Floor

Damp spots that you cannot explain are another indicator you need to check the plumbing system in your home. Often, a leak will form inside the wall, and the water will start seeping out onto the surroundings. It saturates the wall and causes ugly dump spots on it. Dampness indicates that you might need emergency water restoration services soon. 

Contamination in the Water

Contaminated water is another indicator that your pipes need maintenance and repair. Pay attention to any murky water that comes out of the faucets. Often, this indicates that the piping connected has burst. Treat it as an emergency to avoid poisoning.

Do not wait until your leaking pipes lead to an emergency. Get a plumber to assess the extent of the problem to determine the best solution.