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3 Reasons You Should Call A Kitchen Grease Trap Cleaning Service Provider

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As you are perhaps aware, a grease trap collects the fats and oils that drain down the sink. This explains why it fills up at some point, making it important to contact a kitchen grease trap cleaner. Otherwise, you will likely experience difficulties executing simple tasks such as cleaning your kitchen because of drainage problems. That said, here are signs that it's time for grease trap cleaning.

1. Pungent Smell

Does your kitchen have a strong odor that won't go away even after thorough cleaning? If yes, you need to have a grease trap cleaning expert examine the situation immediately. As the accumulated oils start degrading, they provide food for bacteria responsible for the unpleasant smell. This can pose serious health risks to you and your staff. In fact, your restaurant's reputation might be at risk since clients will wonder why there's a bad smell coming from the kitchen.

Remember that the pungent smell can also attract unwanted attention from the authorities. This is the last thing you want as it comes with the risk of heavy fines. You might also have to close down until the grease trap is cleaned.

2. Poor Drainage

If your sink drains seem slower than they should, the grease trap might be the source of the problem. Sure, there might be something blocking the drainage system. But a full grease trap can also interfere with the free flow of wastewater. As a result, water might start stagnating in your sinks, making it hard to carry out various kitchen activities.

Don't forget that poor drainage can compromise your plumbing system's water pressure. This is a serious concern since low water pressure may prevent toilets from filling and flushing correctly. In addition, this drainage problem can make the toilets messy every so often. Investing in professional grease trap cleaning services will go a long way in keeping such problems at bay.

3. Greasy Surfaces

An already full grease trap forces the grease to find an escape route. Consequently, it might not take long before your kitchen sinks and other surfaces become greasy. In the end, you will have grease in all the wrong places, negatively affecting your commercial kitchen.

Running a restaurant is a great experience. You get to see people enjoy the sumptuous meals you have to offer. But it also comes with many responsibilities, including grease trap cleaning. Contacting a grease trap cleaning professional when you notice any of the above signs will ensure that your restaurant's operations run smoothly.