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4 Situations You Should Hire A Professional Plumber

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Your plumbing system supplies clean water in your home and helps keep your house and everything clean. What would your house turn into if you had no way to receive clean water or drain the wastewater? Plumbers work to ensure you have a healthy and well-functioning system. If you are a new homeowner, you might want to learn about common plumbing issues that may need a professional plumber.

1. Water Leakage

Leaking toilets, fixtures, pipes, sinks, and faucets are notorious for causing water damage. Generally, the water seeps into your floors, cabinets, and walls, causing rot, structural deterioration, and mold growth. Pipes leaks can lead to a significant spike in your energy bills.

In most cases, it is easier, cheaper, and better to repair minor leakages as soon as you discover them. Therefore, consider calling a plumber to help you repair the leaks. Using modern techniques like camera video inspections, the contractor will identify the exact location of the leak and fix them.

2. Septic and Water System Installation 

Are you constructing a new home? Maybe your current water lines are corroded and need to be replaced. Whatever reasons you have for installing new water pipes or sewer lines, you will need an expert to help you out. Professional plumbers have enough experience and skills to determine where to install the water lines.

You can count on them to choose the right networks to prevent water contamination by ensuring freshwater pipes don't come into contact with sewer lines. Do it right the first time to avoid expensive revision jobs.

3. Drain Cleaning

Over time, as grease, food debris, and scum build up in your drains, they might cause clogging. The clogs accumulate and harden, leaving minimal or no space for wastewater to flow. This could be why you have slow drains or standing water in your bathroom or sink. It is crucial to unclog the drains early to prevent corrosion and backup. Let the plumber offer lasting solutions through better techniques like hydro-jetting to solve the problem for good.

4. Install a Tankless Water Heater

If you want to switch to tankless and avoid the drawbacks associated with the conventional hot water system, it is important to involve a plumber. You need an expert to walk you through various brands and models that suit your budget and needs. The plumber will then install the system to ensure your safety when using the new water heater system.

Consider working with a professional for all your plumbing installation and repair needs. The plumber will ensure you have clean water at home, effective drains, and working plumbing systems and appliances. Set an appointment with a plumber today for quality services.

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