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Handling Your Home's Clogged Toilet

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A clogged toilet is a plumbing problem that is very routine, but it is also very common for individuals to make some critical mistakes as they are trying to restore the functionality of their toilets. These mistakes could potentially worsen the severity of the clog that the toilet has developed, and it could also lead to substantial damage occurring to the toilet or the plumbing system.

The Design Of Toilets Can Make Clog Removing Chemicals Ineffective

Most plumbing clogs can be effectively removed with the use of chemical products that can dissolve and break apart the clog that is blocking the flow of water. However, this may not be an option when you are needing to free a toilet obstruction. This is due to the unique design of these plumbing fixtures as there can be a bend in the pipes that transport the water from the bowl to the drain line. These bends can trap the chemical clog removers so that they will be unable to reach the obstruction that needs to be freed.

Root Intrusions Can Be A Source Of Regular Toilet Clogs

If your toilet is clogged on a regular basis, it could be a very frustrating problem to encounter. In many situations, these clogs can be the result of roots growing into the sewer line for the home. These roots can completely obstruct the flow of water through the sewer line, which can result in regular and persistent clogs developing. Unfortunately, eliminating this problem can require major excavation work to be completed as the root may need to be physically removed from the sewer line, and the damaged section of the pipe will likely need to be replaced.

The Type Of Toilet Paper That You Use Can Affect Your Toilet

Unfortunately, individuals may not realize that they could be contributing to their toilet clogging problems. In particular, the use of thick toilet paper can be a choice that could sizably increase the prospects of a clog forming in the system. This is especially true for older homes that may have more narrow sewer lines or that rely on septic tanks. For these properties, it can be very beneficial for the owner to invest in using toilet paper products that are thin and designed to rapidly break down once they enter the septic system. These products can be far less likely to contribute to major clogs forming in the system. 

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