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Could Your Septic System Be Failing? Here's How To Tell You Need Septic Services

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The septic system plays the significant role of expelling wastewater from your home and treating it to remove contaminants that would otherwise affect your household members' health adversely. With proper installation, the system can operate efficiently for a long time. Nonetheless, you need to schedule regular maintenance to ensure that it doesn't pose any health or safety hazards. Still, how can you tell that your septic system is failing and needs expert intervention? Here are warning indicators you should watch out for.

There's a Strange Odor Coming From the Leach Field

You won't notice any foul smell if your septic system is operating effectively. However, your tank might be full if there's an odor permeating your property. When you call a septic service technician for inspection, one of the steps they take is to check whether the toilet wax seal has dried and cracked. If this area is airtight, they approach the septic tank, and if the odor is stronger in that area, the tank is likely full or leaking. In such a case, it needs to be pumped out.

You Notice Lush Vegetation Close to the Tank

If you notice healthier vegetation growing around the drain field, it is most likely due to nitrogen-rich effluent coming from the tank. Even if there's an absence of a foul smell and yet you observe lush vegetation of this kind, do not overlook the need for a septic inspection. The problem could be due to a tree's roots growing into the septic tank, or liquid wastewater may be leaking before it reaches the drain field.

Sewage Is Flowing Into Your Home

There's a septic system problem that must be urgently addressed in your residence if you notice sewer water coming up through the kitchen or bathroom drains. The issue may arise from a blockage within the sewer line. If so, a septic system service expert can resolve it by running the pipe snake to establish the source of the clog and fix it. The backup can also be due to a clog in the inlet septic tank baffle and outlet valve. If this is the case, your septic system service technician will expertly clean the inlet and outlet covers.

Waste Water Drains Slower Than Usual

If your septic system is failing, it will likely cause your sinks and toilets to drain too slowly. Typically, this indicates a clog in the system or that your tank needs to be pumped out. Thus, schedule a professional septic tank inspection as soon as you notice that your waste water is not draining as it ought. Unfortunately, failing to take prompt action may lead to a sewer backup in your home.

Your septic system needs to operate optimally in order to prevent health and environmental hazards. Therefore, if you notice any of the issues mentioned above, ensure that you seek the services of a septic pumping professional immediately. For more information, contact a company like Chamberlain Septic and Sewer.