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Preparations To Make Ahead Of A Dumpster Rental For Your Construction Site

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It is exciting to start a new remodeling or a home renovation project. But all home improvement projects lead to the production of waste. Given this, you should devise a reliable waste management plan as you begin the demolition and rebuilding. Typically, people look for a garbage disposal company to help them manage large volumes of waste. That said, preparation is crucial if you want a positive experience with management companies. Here are some ways you can get ready for this service.

Create Space for the Roll-Off

Start by clearing and creating space for the dumpster. Remember, the amount of space needed depends on the size of the container you rent. For example, a ten cubic yard unit may take up a significant portion of the front yard. Ideally, you should leave enough square footage to place the dumpster and for someone to walk around. Further, the extra allowance makes dumping simpler. Also, there is a minimum size of the delivery area that the company might request you to leave to simplify the drop-off.

Account for the Delivery Trucks

Consider the delivery trucks and how much space they will occupy when handling dumpster placement. The vehicle needs at least 14 feet of vertical clearance space for the dumpster drop-off. As such, you should ensure that you have cleared the vertical allowance by trimming trees and removing other obstacles by the truck's delivery date. Also, ensure there is enough horizontal space because most of them need to do straight parking so they can deliver the container.

Learn What is Allowed in the Dumpster and What is Not

You must also understand what is allowed in the garbage container and what is not. Note that the company will give you a brochure with the terms and conditions and how they dispose of every type of waste. Make sure you read through it and learn how to prepare your waste before putting it in the dumpster. If you have any item listed as not accepted in the container, consult them about alternative ways to dump it. Most have options to help you manage the waste that is not allowed in regular containers. Further, inquire about recycling services or the items that fit into the category.

Contact a local dumpster rental company such as Ivan's Site Services  for professional waste management services. So, set up a consultative meeting, get a quotation, and prepare for the roll-off container delivery. It is a simple and convenient way to handle waste.