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"Emergency Plumbers Cost Too Much" And Other Big Myths

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Are you dealing with a sticky emergency situation with your home's plumbing? As great as modern plumbing can be, big problems that require immediate attention do come up on occasion. When you're in the middle of a plumbing crisis, calling an emergency plumber is a must. Yet, there are a lot of odd myths that get circulated about these valuable home service professionals. Take a look. 

Myth: Emergency plumbers cost too much. 

Several factors go into the overall cost of a plumber call, and how quickly they make it to your property is usually not a major determining factor. According to Thumbtack, the average cost for an emergency plumbing call can be anywhere from $130 to $221 based on national data. In some cases, plumbers may charge an additional fee if they have to visit your property after hours, but not always. 

Myth: You can't call an emergency plumber unless it's a weekend. 

You can call a 24/7 emergency plumbing service on a weekend, weekday, holiday, or any day. The emergency situations that can come up with plumbing can happen at any time, even during regular business hours. So, just because a plumber advertises that they offer emergency services, it will not mean you can't call them for that emergency even during regular business hours. 

Myth: Emergency plumbers don't handle sewer or septic system emergencies. 

Emergency plumbing professionals can handle a broad collection of service call types, including those associated with sewer and septic systems. For example, if you realize your septic tank is leaking, it would be acceptable to contact an emergency plumber for help. In rare situations, a plumber may not have the equipment to handle certain emergencies, however. For instance, if it is determined your tank is leaking because it needs to be pumped, the plumber may recommend that you call a septic tank company. 

Myth: An emergency plumber will arrive immediately, so you don't have to do anything. 

When you place a call to 24/7 plumbers for help, it is always important to do what you can to control your situation on your own before they arrive. The plumber will try to get to your home as quickly as possible, but there can be some wait time involved. Therefore, if you have something going on like a busted water line, go ahead and turn off the water main as soon as possible to prevent unnecessary water loss. 

Contact a local emergency plumber to learn more.