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Constant Drainage Problems In Your Home? Hire A Drain Cleaning Service

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There are many different types of drainage problems you can have in a home from blockages in sinks and toilets to something much more serious. If you are dealing with this constantly, you may want to hire a drain cleaning service. Below is information on the services they can offer you so that you do not have to worry about this problem.

Drain Jetting

The clog may be deep into the plumbing pipe, which will make it impossible to remove on your own. You could try drain cleaners, but they are not strong enough to get through this type of clog. 

A drain cleaning service uses a process called drain jetting. This is inserting a long tube down through the pipe. A high-pressure jet of water is then blasted through the tube and into the pipe. This will then remove the clog. The pressure is strong enough that everything in the pipe is removed. This means the pipe will not only be clog free but will also be clean. Using rods or other devices to remove clogs can damage pipes, which will result in your spending a lot of money on repairs. 


The drain cleaning service can inspect all your pipes for you. They do this with equipment that has a tiny camera. The camera is connected to a long pipe. They first turn on the camera and insert it into the pipe. An image of the inside of your pipes is then displayed on a computer screen. This allows the drain cleaning service to see if there are any more clogs, if there is any damage to your pipes, such as cracks, and much more. 

Using this technique is beneficial since the drain cleaning service would have to dig up the pipes to inspect them without a camera. They would not be sure where the problem is so they may have to dig up a large area of your yard. Knowing exactly where the problem is allows them to dig in only this area. 

Drain Repairs

The drain cleaning company not only remove clogs and cleans the drains, but they can also make repairs for you. They may find a drain line is broken or cracked. The drain line may be getting old and has degraded. 

To repair damaged drain lines, the drain line repair company may suggest putting a liner inside the drain to cover all damage. This makes the pipe look and act new again. This would mean the drain line company would not have to do a lot of excavation. If the line is very damaged, the drain cleaning service will suggest you replace it with a new one. 

The drain cleaning service that you hire can give you much more information about this.