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Two Ways To Detect A Water Leak In Your Home

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Finding a hidden water leak in your home can take a bit of detective work. Sometimes, there are obvious signs of a water leak, such as water stains on walls and the more obvious drips that rain down from the ceiling and land on your head. However, leaks can go undetected if the red flags aren't as blatant. If you suspect that there is a water leak in your home due to rising utility costs, use the following information as a guide to help you uncover the issue so you can request leak repair services from a professional plumber. 

You Hear Running Water

Each time you flush one of the toilets in your house you are probably accustomed to the rush of water that can be heard flowing through the walls or ceiling. The sound typically won't persist for more than a few seconds before fading away. If you've lived in your residence for a decent length of time you can likely estimate how long the water will flow before shutting off. 

Things change when there is a water leak. Even when no one is flushing a toilet, taking a shower, or running water through a faucet, you might hear a faint dripping sound that never seems to end. It's very easy to ignore such a slight noise but this is definitely a situation to give attention to. What might be an easy fix can quickly blossom out of control, potentially leading up to the need to tear out a wall in order to repair the pipe and clear away the residual moisture!

Water Pressure Is Decreasing

When you run water in your sinks or bathtub, do you find that the pressure is much less potent than it used to be? This can make for very unsatisfying showers, especially if what was once a downpour turns into little more than a drizzle. Your water pressure could be decreasing because there is an obscure leak somewhere along the pipeline. Unbeknownst to you, water might be gushing out uncontrollably just beyond your line of sight. If you want to get to the root of the problem and avoid dealing with mere symptoms, it's best to contact a plumber for a thorough evaluation.

Undetected water leaks can cause untold amounts of damage to your home. If any of the aforementioned signs appear, reach out to a skillful plumber to take advantage of their expertise right away.

Contact a local plumber to learn more about leak repair.