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Three Indications Your Foundation Is Uneven

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A level foundation is critical to the structural integrity of your home. When the foundation of a home is uneven, not only can it produce unsightly consequences, but it puts the integrity of the home and the people who live in it at an increased risk. Fortunately, an uneven foundation often produces symptoms that are not easy to ignore. Learn about some of the warning signs you should look for.

Ill-Performing Doors and Windows

When you open a door inside your home does it seem to swing closed on its own? Is opening a window in your house a laborious chore? Neither of these scenarios should be taking place and are often an indication that the foundation is uneven, and as a result, the doors and windows inside your home are also no longer even, which is why they are not working correctly. The door or window is not the problem, so you need to focus your attention on the foundation.

Cracks in the Wall

A crack in the wall is never a good sign and without a doubt means that you have a foundation issue. A crack in the wall means that the unevenness of the foundation has begun to cause the walls inside your home to shift. Since walls are not meant to be flexible, any movement will cause the wall to crack. Even if you repair the wall, until you correct the foundation, the problem will return. Keep in mind that a crack in the wall reduces its ability to provide support for the upper level of your home.

Sagging Floors

Pay attention to the condition of your floors as well. Similar to the walls in your home, when the foundation shifts, it causes the subfloor to also shift. The shift will often result in the floor sagging lower in certain areas. This sign might sometimes be subtle since the sagging can be minimal. However, if you think this issue might be a problem, place a cup of water on the floor and move it around to see if the water in the cup shifts in one direction. Whatever you do, do not ignore this issue, because the subfloor could eventually give out, and possibly cause an injury.

Visit websites like to speak with a foundation contractor if you believe that your home's foundation is not level. A contractor will come and assess the damage and work to get repairs performed for your home as quickly as possible to keep you safe.