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How Hydro Jetting Compares To Using A Drain Auger On A Clogged Drain

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When a drain in your home is clogged, your plumber might recommend cleaning it with a hydro jet. First, they may try plunging to get the clog to move, but when a drain is completely clogged, the plumber needs to use drain cleaning equipment such as a hydro jet or a drain auger. Here's how these two drain cleaning methods work and why hydro jetting is often the best way to clear out a clogged drain.

A Hydro Jet Cleans Out The Whole Clog

Hydro jetting cleans out a variety of clogs, including tree roots. When the plumber uses a hydro jet on the clog, all traces of the roots are washed away and moved out of the drain. The jet of water washes all sides of the drain to get rid of roots clinging to the side or that are stuck in a crack in a joint.

A drain auger can also open a drain that is full of roots, but the auger may leave some roots on the sides of the drain and in gaps in joints. When all traces of the roots aren't removed, the roots grow back quicker and the drain clogs off again sooner.

Hydro Jetting Removes Grease And Scale, Too

When grease and hard water scale build up inside of your drain pipes, a clog isn't far behind. It's more difficult for a drain auger to clear away grease and scale clogs since an auger doesn't scour the sides of the drain like hydro jetting does. The stream of water is able to blast off built-up grime, grease, scale, and other debris clinging to the sides of the drain so the drain is clean inside again when hydro jetting is complete.

Hydro Jetting Moves Big Clogs Through The Drain

A hydro jet is effective at moving out clogs that completely pack the drain pipe. It does this because the water jets spray out in all directions and the plumber can push the hose forward and pull it back to work a clog loose. The power of the water jet is also useful for ripping apart big, solid clogs so the smaller pieces can be moved through.

The power behind hydro jetting is what makes it more effective than using a drain auger. The plumber can use different nozzles to direct the water in the best way to clear out the type of clog you have. Hydro jetting can be used on any drain in your home, but the plumber will probably do a camera inspection first just to make sure the drain is in good shape and able to withstand the force of the water jet.

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