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A Stubborn Clog Or Slow Pipe Might Require Plumbing System Repair That Goes Beyond A Plunger Or Bottle Of Drain Cleaner

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A slow drain or even a full clog is something that can happen to just about any residential plumbing system over time. But what happens if the plunger or bottle of drain cleaner you purchased at the hardware store is not solving the problem? In these cases, you might need to consider contacting a local plumbing expert. Here are just some of the clog or slow drain scenarios that might require help from a residential plumbing system repair professional.

You Have Kids (or Adults) Who Have Not Been Following Best Practices for Living With a Septic System

If your plumbing goes on beyond standard pipes inside the house and also includes a septic tank and septic lines outside the house, you hopefully already know that you must be very cautious about what you put down the drain. But maybe your kids (or even an older member of the family) have not heeded your warnings about not putting certain items or types of food into the drain or toilet.A backed-up septic line can get ugly quickly and you won't be able to plunge the issue away or otherwise fix it from inside the house. A professional plumber or septic tank expert may be needed to get rid of any growing clog that is causing a backup. Re-educate any family members as necessary if this situation happens to you.

Something Other Than Body Hair Went Down the Shower Drain and It's Not Going to Be Removed With Ease

Shower drains can develop issues with body hair over time, this is something that will happen to most people, as the human body does lose some of its hair each time you take a shower. But this will usually first be noticed in the form of a slow drain, not a clog, and some basic drain cleaner can usually get the hair out of there and on its way to the local waste treatment system. But what happens if your shower is full-on clogged out of nowhere and you are pretty sure it's not from body hair? It's possible a lid from your shampoo bottle went down the drain and is now lodged in a bad spot where you won't be able to plunge it out. It could even be your kid's favorite shower toy that decided to go for a ride down into the plumbing. A professional plumber will have the tools like a snake or auger to find the problem and get it out of the system.