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4 Reasons Why Your Pipes Are Leaking

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The sound of water dripping from a leaking faucet can be extremely aggravating. In addition, water leaks can result in structural damage to your home and water waste, in addition to encouraging mold growth. Unfortunately, you might not see the leak from a cursory observation. Instead, the problem might be at a section of the pipe that cannot be accessed without specialized equipment. In any case, to protect your home, you must understand what causes leaks so you can recognize when to call a residential plumber for help. The following are some reasons why you might be experiencing pipe leaks:

Too High of Water Pressure

Your plumbing pipes can only effectively withstand a certain amount of pressure. Therefore, irregular or excess pressure can stress the piping and, in some cases, may result in burst pipes. Accordingly, if you are concerned about the water pressure in your home, it is prudent to contact a plumber. The professionals measure the pressure and install a pressure regulator as needed.


Corrosion might be the culprit behind your leaks. Pipes may rust as they age, and you may not always see the deterioration. Nonetheless, you may observe some signs that indicate rust damage. For instance, your water might become discolored, smell metallic, and taste strange. Additionally, rust tends to weaken pipes and make them more prone to leaks and further destruction. Thus, if your pipes have required frequent repair for leaks, it may be time to hire a plumber to inspect them for rust. They may recommend a pipe replacement to resolve the issue's root effectively.

Tree Roots Penetrating the Pipes

Roots are generally attracted to water, so they are likely to grow towards the underground piping, especially if there are any vulnerabilities. Consequently, the roots invade the pipes, creating or enlarging cracks and breaking the joints. Consequently, this results in reduced water pressure for the household, serious leaks, and high-water bills. Since tree root invasion can cause major issues if left unchecked, you need to have a plumber examine your pipes to see whether they are compromised.

Blocked Pipes

A clogged pipe likely results in a build-up within the lines, which results in overflowing. In particular, clogged pipes cause leaks in fixtures such as garbage disposals and sinks, as the backed-up water seeks an outlet. Be careful to contract a plumber to diagnose and address the cause and location of the blockage, thereby preventing further leaks.

An important step in addressing leaks at your residence is understanding the cause and recognizing when to call in professional services. So, if you have noticed water discoloration, a change in your water's taste or smell, and a rise in your water bills, you may be dealing with a leaking pipe. Thus, call a local residential plumber for a prompt solution for your house's pipes.