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Living in an Older Home? 4 Plumbing Problems You’re Likely to Face

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Many older homes are popular for their classic and unique architectural features. They've also become an attractive option for first-time homeowners as they're less expensive. While the structure of these houses may seem in great shape, they may have many plumbing problems. Some of these issues can be fairly straightforward to fix, whereas others may require a replacement of plumbing fixtures to prevent further malfunctioning down the road. Read below for some issues you may encounter while living in an old home.

Settling Pipes

Over the years, your house experiences gradual movement, which can significantly impact the pipes under your home. Like your house, the piping underneath your home can gradually shift. This restricts the proper flow of water. Thus, if you notice that the water in your home isn't flowing as it should, engage an experienced plumbing repair professional. They perform a camera inspection, determine the issue, and make the necessary repairs.

Plumbing Consequences of Poor Workmanship

The quality of the repairs made in your home significantly impacts the longevity of your plumbing. Numerous repairs have likely been performed on the system for older houses over the years. Sometimes, the work is sub-par, particularly if previous owners performed DIY repairs, e.g., if a previous owner was rushing through repairs to sell the house. As such, ensure that you hire a plumber to examine the plumbing before you commit to purchasing a house. This helps you make informed decisions in accounting for and scheduling any plumbing repairs and replacements before moving in.

An Outdated Plumbing Line

Checking the condition of all plumbing connections and fittings is important when moving into an older home. Some components might be suffering from corrosion or significant wear and tear if the previous owner wasn't keen on plumbing maintenance. When such issues go unaddressed, they can cause your plumbing lines to leak or clog. Fortunately, an expert plumber can catch and address such issues before they cause significant damage to your home.

Problematic Fixtures

Plumbing fixtures, including your shower head and faucets, inevitably wear out over time. This deterioration causes leaks in your home, resulting in water damage. So, if you notice or suspect any damaged or outdated fittings, speak to an experienced plumbing repair expert to address the issue as quickly as possible.

Hiring a plumber such as Butt Plumbing to address plumbing issues promptly is imperative if you live in an older house. They resolve the problems effectively and efficiently, enabling you and your household members to enjoy your home.