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Warning Signs That It Is Time To Replace Your AC Unit

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Your air conditioning system determines the level of comfort everyone experiences inside the home. Hence, when the system is in excellent condition, you do not have to worry about heat, quality of air, or stuffiness. On the other hand, as the unit ages, it will become less efficient in maintaining a comfortable environment. Moreover, it will overwork to meet demand, ultimately leading to a complete breakdown. So, watch out for these signs to know that your AC has reached the end of its lifespan and needs a replacement. 

How Long Have You Had It?

Age is the first factor to consider when considering whether to replace the system. You should know that your unit will give you the best service from the moment you purchase it till the end of its lifespan with proper care. That said, the lifespan will be shorter if you live in an area with weather conditions that force you to run the unit throughout the day. Hence, check with your HVAC installation services technician to see if your unit has reached the end of its functional lifespan and needs replacing. 

How Much Is Your Bill?

You can also use your energy bills as a guide on whether your AC unit is at optimum capacity. If the unit works as intended, you should not have higher than regular energy bills. On the other hand, when the system has lost its energy efficiency, it will run longer than usual in keeping the house at optimum temperature. Hence, you will incur increased energy bills. In this case, it is best to replace the AC unit when you keep paying a higher-than-normal power bill. 

Are You Moving Into A Bigger House?

Also, consider getting a new AC system as soon as you move into a new home. This also applies when you expand your building. This is so because raising the surface area that needs cooling means that the current unit might be less efficient. Hence, call an AC contractor to come and assess your new home's cooling needs and determine whether you need to up the size and capacity of your unit. 

Do You Experience Odd Smells And Noises?

The AC unit gives off odd characteristics before breaking down. These might include musty smells from the mold in the unit, or unusual rattling, hissing, and banging noises. In other cases, your unit could leak water and refrigerant inside the home. So having several signs of unit failure simultaneously means you need to replace the unit.

In unsure about replacing your AC consult a contractor to assess your unit and determine if it's time for a replacement. Furthermore, an HVAC installation services expert can help you plan and install the ideal system for your home. For more information on HVAC installation services, contact a professional near you.