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Own A Company? Install Backflow Prevention To Protect Plumbing

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If you own a company, the plumbing system is something you may not think about. It is important, however, and problems can happen. One way to provide protection is to install backflow prevention equipment.  Hire a plumber to do this job for you. Below is more information about this. 


Backflow happens when there is non-drinking-quality water, along with other liquids, flowing into your piping system and then into the public water system in your town. If this happens, water will become contaminated and undrinkable.

There are different causes of backflow on commercial properties. One is back siphonage, which can be caused if there is low water pressure. This can also happen if there is a break in the water main or problems with the water pump. Backpressure can also cause backflow. This generally comes from a non-potable water source, which may be boilers, coolers, heaters, waste disposal, etc. 

What a Plumber Can Do

A plumber will test the backflow prevention device and maintain it regularly to ensure it is working well. If there are problems found, repairs will be made immediately if possible. If not possible, the plumber will come back quickly to make needed repairs. This will include shutting off the water to test the water valves. They will record each test they do and document everything they do. You will need this information to send to your state as well as for the maintenance department in your building. Your company may get audited, and you will need this information. 

If there are problems with the backflow prevention device, the plumber will remove the old one and install a new one for you. They will first try to repair it, however, to save you money. This will be done quickly as water is shut off so your business will have to be shut down periodically. The plumber generally has everything they need on their truck to do the new installation quickly. 

Record and Schedule

Because the backflow prevention device is important the plumber will set up a schedule with you to maintain the system and make a recording of everything they do. This is also known as a system audit. They will test the system and note the results for the state and for you. This way you will have proof that your backflow prevention equipment was tested just in case you have problems in the future. 

Your state likely has regulations you must follow when it comes to your backup prevention equipment. The plumber you hire will know of these regulations to ensure that you are following them. 

Talk to the plumber to learn much more about backflow supply and prevention.